Small but perfectly formed, the Fendi Baguette bag was launched in 1997. Designed to slot snuggly under the arm (just like a baguette) it was Silvia Fendi’s reaction to the decade’s minimalism. Referred to as ‘the original It bag’ and an enduring style icon, it is now one of the most coveted bags in the world and a favourite amongst collectors who hunt for Baguette’s in denim, shearling or even paint-your-own!

A streamlined bag that can be carried on a short strap or across the body and is available in designs to suit any style, it’s easy to see why the Baguette remains so popular. In this month’s Vogue (June 2016) it is listed as one of their ultimate ‘classic pieces’ – a definitive item that will outlast trends, fads and on which you can depend year after year.

The beauty of Grace & Ted and secondhand designer shopping in general is that occasionally savvy shoppers will stumble across these classic pieces at a fraction of their original prices. What’s better than building a timeless designer wardrobe on a budget?

We currently have two Baguette bags in store at the moment; an incredible hand-beaded beauty complete with fringe and reptile skin strap and a stunning mini Baguette adorned in pastel coloured perspex stones. Both are in fantastic pre-owned condition and are available to buy in store and online here.

The original It bag - Hand beaded Fendi Baguette bag

The original It bag - Mini Fendi Baguette bag

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