We were honoured to take part in an art project last year organised by the incredible duo Low Profile.

10996474_661424617300704_3209585080481114511_n‘Picture in the Paper’ aimed to ‘celebrate group identity and temporary allegiances’ by gathering groups of people from around Bath for a school class style photo.
Bee keepers, buskers, mine craft players and independent retailers (hooray!) made up the shortlist of groups featured in the project and the exhibition is now on show at the shiny new ICIA centre at Bath University.10993080_661424633967369_8288719583930615729_n

The photos will be on permanent display for the life of the building – which means that our haggard faces will grace the walls of the art centre long after we’ve gone. Eery but also quite awesome!

There’s lots of other guest exhibitions on at the ICIA as well as dance and theatre performances so if you’re ever stuck for something to do in Bath or just fancy something a bit different, it’s definitely worth checking out what’s on.



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