The Chloe Paraty bag was originally released in 2008 and instantly became one of the brand’s timeless pieces. Like its predecessor the Paddington, its quality, design and unique shape meant it quickly became a favourite.

The supple, rich leather, luxurious chunky hardware and iconic piping detail are the most beautiful features of the Paraty bag, but it doesn’t end there. Its generous size means you can fill it with your everyday essentials and its open structure means it’s easy to see what you’ve packed into it – so there’ll be no need to tip it upside down on the doorstep so you can find your keys.

Seen on the shoulder of the Olsen sisters, Kate Moss and Reese Witherspoon it originally retailed at around £1,400 and was immediately placed in the ‘dream wardrobe’ of women around the world who aspired to own a Chloe classic.

We love statement, ‘forever’ bags at G&T; the faithfuls you know you’ll be able to use again and again at any time of the year. That’s why we were super excited when the Chloe Paraty bag landed in the shop, in nearly new condition. In tan, it’s versatile enough for every day but makes a refreshing change to the classic black bag we are all guilty of choosing time and time again! At £800 its certainly an investment piece but still a great buy for any savvy shopper who is building her dream wardrobe on a budget.

Buy it in store or online here.


The Chloe Paraty Bag - Grace & Ted The Chloe Paraty Bag - Grace & Ted The Chloe Paraty Bag - Grace & Ted

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