Considered by many as the ultimate in handbag luxury, the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag is iconic, distinctive and timelessly chic. If ever you needed convincing to make the designer purchase of a lifetime; we’re here to help…


It’s an investment.

In June 2016, announced that the classic Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag had increased in value by 70% over the previous 6 years. It is thought that varied marketplaces have made the bag more accessible to a wider clientele and therefore interest in the design has peaked, thus increasing its value. Demand for this style is always high with most of the new season’s collection selling out before they even hit the floor!

Why Buy a Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag?


It’s inspiring.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and many designers have been inspired by the classic style of the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. From Moschino to Michael Kors, ASOS to Zara; the quilted leather, chain strap and unmistakeable turn lock design have been used in many different bags. Reiterating that the design is as relevant today as it was when the bag was first released in 1955; wouldn’t you rather own the original?


It’s versatile.

Before we invest in any designer piece, we often like to be confident that we are going to use it regularly. After all, we may find ourselves needing to justify the purchase to friends, family or the accountant…
Luckily, the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag is versatile and practical! The double strap means it can be worn over the shoulder or cross body and it looks great with a glamorous evening dress, or with jeans and trainers.



Fallen in love with the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag? Take a look at the beige double-flap we currently have in stock and allow yourself to fall even further…

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